Fishing Trips from Corpus Christi Bay, Port Aransas, Mustang Island, Laguna Madre to Baffin Bay. Wade fishing and Drift fishing from boat.

Boat is a 20' Everglades with a 150 Outboard Yamaha specially designed for fishing in the flats.
Call Captian Gabe at 361-438-5630

Day Trip - 8 Hrs
Up to 3 anglers - $600
Up to 4 anglers - $700

Half Day Trip - 4 Hrs
Up to 3 anglers - $450
Up to 4 anglers - $550
Fly Fishing & Site Casting (Redfish) - 8 Hrs
1or 2 anglers - $650
Bring: fishing license with saltwater stamp, sunscreen, hat, sun protective clothing, waterproof disposable camera, drinks and snacks.
Your catch will be cleaned and bagged for you at the end of the trip.



My Fishing Background

I am from Corpus Christi and I started fishing with my dad as a young man to help feed our family of nine in the late 60's and early 70's. Fishing was a necessity and grew for me into a passion and just loving to be out there catching big Reds and Trout. I used live bait back then (mostly free shrimping). Now I bait cast mostly artificial rubber body baits, mirror lures and other plugs. I also have gotten pretty good with a Fly Rod for salt water and swift running river fish in the Rocky Mountains and streams. I have learned the Old Fashioned tricks of catching fish from the 'Old Timers' and have used that experience to evolve into a good angler. Thanks DAD!